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    User name gilman

    Log entry time 00:00:44 on March15,2012

    Entry number 366521

    keyword=swing shift summary

    Start of shift: polarized target field is ramping up, awaiting beam from MCC - which requires pol target field to reach setting.

    4:55: MACC calls and need controlled access to reboot ioc
    5:50: MCC asks us to move target to empty position for beam tuning
    6:37 MCC calls to recheck target out, and says they are bringing us tuned beam
    8:35 called for controlled access for three problems - see elog entry 366506
    ~9:00 controlled access starts
    10:05 target guys in Hall say we can start ramping the FZ and target solenoid magnets back up.
    10:10 Ed says goodnight.
    10:40 ask MCC to start tuning again
    11:17: MCC calls - going to controlled access to do hard reboot of iochla (again)

    at end of shift: back in bveam permit, waiting for MCC