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    User name pzhu

    Log entry time 19:08:01 on March16,2012

    Entry number 366776


    keyword=bpm information in different current

    these pictures is spot++ in the same position but in the different current.
    the harp scan file in 5uA is:
    and epics variable in 5uA is:
    IPM1H05A.XPOS 0.539268
    IPM1H05A.YPOS 1.33508
    IPM1H05B.XPOS -0.499887
    IPM1H05B.YPOS 0.894186
    the first is in the 100nA(3228/22313)
    the second is in the 50nA(3229/22314)
    the third is in the 25nA(3230/22315)
    then we changed the mag div from 2 to 1(3232/22317)

    FIGURE 1