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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 14:25:38 on March17,2012

    Entry number 367141


    keyword=more duplicate CODA files

    More duplicate files. This seems to be a problem with this version
    of CODA or our implementation of it, since it started happening last
    year when we switched. To figure it out, I'd appreciate it if someone
    would trace what happened during these runs, and that we record in
    the halog whenever there was a CODA crash or similar DAQ event.

    Of course, this is not our biggest problem at the moment, but
    it's happening often enough to be worrisome. It causes a mess
    and the recovery increases the risk of losing data.

    I'll rename these files with the string "2nd" in the filename,
    as usual, so that they become unique in MSS.

    Note that some of these are dat.1 files.
    filesize   creation date   filename (will have "2nd" before "dat").
    699662336  Mar 16 20:16   /adaql2/data2/g2p_3234.dat.0
    815071232  Mar 16 21:53   /adaql2/data4/g2p_3249.dat.0
    560234496  Mar 17 01:24   /adaql2/data2/g2p_3266.dat.0
    89522176   Mar 16 23:03   /adaql1/data3/g2p_22339.dat.1 
    2068512768 Mar 17 00:23   /adaql1/data2/g2p_22347.dat.0
    538050560  Mar 17 01:40   /adaql1/data3/g2p_22352.dat.1