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    User name A. Camsonne

    Log entry time 17:19:41 on March 26, 2013

    Entry number 385821

    keyword=ROC 13 bit ADC test

    We seemed to have bit 13 stuck on ROC3 a few years ago, I checked with
    Chris Cuevas and he suspected it was more likely to be a bad board than a
    bad crate.
    I did a test of the bus using a modified version of test_1881 which
    writes data and reads it back and the data looked indeed ok.
    I took a run with the sync module, this module gives a different DC level
    for each L1A to use as a sync check between crates.
    The data looks as expected. Several peaks and an overflow at 16383. Oddly
    there are some values above 8192, so maybe the module manages to take the
    pedestal into account, this will need to be checked.
    Picture if from run 1377
    So I think we are ready to plug detectors on the left HRS ADCs and on the
    right HRS too.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: rom@jlab.org,bogdanw@jlab.org,cuevas@jlab.org

    Figure 1