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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 15:43:05 on June24,2013

    Entry number 385842

    keyword=scalers, status

    I checked the scalers on the L-HRS and R-HRS.

    a) They are deployed exactly as in g2p and the software works, but
    b) Several cables unplugged / moved. And no clock signal.

    To finish this job:

    a) The helicity signals should go to the scaler on the left.
    (Assuming we preserve the scheme.) Right now, on the R-HRS, there
    are a bunch of what looks like detector signals going into the
    helicity scaler. Need to decide ...

    b) Scaler gating. The LeCroy 1151 don't work unless gated.
    And in general, a cross-section measurement needs Trigger
    Supervisor gating. This needs to be restored.

    c) Clock. The xscaler code won't display rates unless a clock
    is plugged into some channel (usually #8 of the norm. scaler)