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    User name A. Camsonne

    Log entry time 15:24:30 on June 27, 2013

    Entry number 385845

    keyword=Added scaler readout to adaq1JM configuration

    I added the scaler TS11 crate to the readout and turned the event 100
    scaler readout so we can measure the deadtime accurately.
    So I added the lscale to TS11 component argument.
    I had to uncomment the line about scaler readout in crl/ts2/ts_scaler.crl
    and changed the counter to a lower number so that scalers event are
    readout often enough at lower rates in the event 100.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: camsonne@jlab.org,rom@jlab.org,pking@jlab.org,nisrael@jlab.org