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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 16:07:34 on January17,2014

    Entry number 385901


    keyword=status of R-HRS HV (top crate working)

    The R-HRS has two HV crates. The one on top has 15 cards and is working at the moment. The one on the bottom has 3 cards and nothing plugged in. I'll leave it non-functional for now.

    The software development on the DVCS test stand worked well on the laptop ahut1. Now the HV control is about as fast and reliable as if the crate had a motherboard. While that's nice, there was a nasty surprise that when the server runs on halladaq8 it does not work. The meaning of "not work" is complex (and I've explained on my technical wiki) but I don't think it's useful to summarize here. The bottom line is that I can make HV work "slow" on Intel PCs like halladaq8 and "fast" on ordinary PCs, and as of now I don't know why.
    I'll continue to work on the Intel PC next week, but will leave it like this over the weekend.

    Note, the L-HRS (still slow) has not been touched. The server there is an Intel PC intelha3.