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    User name adaq

    Log entry time 12:10:45 on March 6, 2014

    Entry number 386412

    keyword=Start_Run_1051,Run_type=Cosmics,target_type=Home(no target, or empty),comment_text=
    Run Timestamp:       Thu Mar  6 12:10:44 EST 2014
    Beginning-of-run EPICS data for Run Number 1051 at Thu Mar 6 12:10:45 EST 2014

    Shift Worker Info

    Run_type=Cosmics target_type=Home(no target, or empty) comment_text=

    Prescale Values

    ;This file is automatically generated from L-HRS Prescales GUI. ;To generate this file, type "prescaleL" without quotes on adaq@adaql2 ;Input the desired prescales and Save. ; (or you can simply edit this file) ;T1 = L-arm scintillator trigger ps1=0,ps2=0,ps3=0,ps4=0,ps5=0,ps6=0,ps7=0,ps8=100

    Target Info

    General Run Info

    Misc Epics Info