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    User name Kalyan

    Log entry time 21:36:20 on March 12, 2014

    Entry number 386652


    keyword=ROC2 on Right arm not booting

    Longwu reported that RHRS DAQ was not working because it not able to
    connect to ROC2. I tried to reboot ROC2 but it is giving the following
    error message - something related permissions? I don't think anything
    changed on host machine adaql1 and bootfile. 
    [VxWorks Boot]: @
    boot device          : fei
    unit number          : 0 
    processor number     : 0 
    host name            : adaql1
    file name            : /adaqfs/halla/adev/vxworks/5.5/vx5100_v2
    inet on ethernet (e) :
    host inet (h)        :
    gateway inet (g)     :
    user (u)             : aadaq
    flags (f)            : 0x20 
    target name (tn)     : hallasfi2
    startup script (s)   : /adaqfs/halla/adaq/vxworks/sfi2.boot
    Attached TCP/IP interface to fei0.
    Attaching network interface lo0... done.
    Loading... Permission denied.
    Error loading file: errno = 0x250002.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: camsonne,rom,oulongwu