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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 14:21:50 on March17,2014

    Entry number 386909


    keyword=pulser runs for BPM pedestal, part 1

    Runs starting at 1155 and 20192 are pulser runs.
    I took over the DAQ in the counting room.

    Signal values with no signal and "default" gain have been measured
    in runs 1155 and 20193. They are typically 3500 - 4000 ADC channels.

    Run 1156 and 20194 are with BPM 1H04A at forced gain = 0.
    Leave 1H04B as is for now. (This is partly a check of cabling, too.)

    Expected: BPM4A signals to shift and become very narrow but BPM4B
    to remain wide.

    Found: BPM signals on L-HRS remain same (wide) while all BPM signals
    on R-HRS are narrow. Time to check cabling !

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2