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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 11:28:24 on August15,2014

    Entry number 400154

    keyword=work on R-HRS HV

    Bottom Crate

    It is working again. I power-cycled the crate (two sources of power) and ran "hvctrl"
    to turn on cards "by hand".

    Some combination of those 2 things woke up the cards. I've tried restarting the
    Java GUI a few times.

    Top Crate

    I have switched over to the rpi board "rpi4". No more halladaq8 (at least for now).
    The instructions are the same except for the server:

    1. Login to rpi4 (user "pi" and I'll have to tell you the password)
    2. execute "./start_hv" (there is a README in the home directory)

    For the time being, this server runs in the foreground. I'll try to automate it later.

    If all goes well with rpi4, we'll copy this config to all the HV crates.

    Thanks to Roman, Javier, Jack, and Chuck for the rpi boards. The advantages
    are that they are faster (b/c service interrupts from the HV cards), more
    reliable, very cheap, and use a more secure protocol (tcp instead of telnet).
    Nice !

    Java Gui "hvs" is updated.

    I've copied the next version, which worked in TEDF. I was a little surprised that
    what we had did not work with rpi4 (reported "don't know about rpi4").
    Ok, it's called "hvg.prod" and the old one is "hvg.prod_25apr2014"