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    User name A. Camsonne

    Log entry time 00:44:58 on August 26, 2014

    Entry number 400329

    keyword=DVCS VME crates setup

    Norman and I installed the second VME crate and a small crate for the
    trigger . I set the intel CPU to boot up from the network. Network cable
    should go in the first port.
    XVB601	 002038046D12	002038046D13	Hall A DVCS Trigger crate	hallsfi1
    Model XVR14: 12110110 SN: 63089233	MAC (eth1): 00:20:ce:f6:03:e6	MAC
    (eth2): 00:20:ce:f6:03:e7	Left HRS DVCS top crate	intelha7
    Model XVR14: 12110110 SN: 63089271	X MAC (eth1): 00:20:ce:f6:03:ee	MAC
    (eth2): 00:20:ce:f6:03:ef	Left HRS DVCS bottom crate	intelha1