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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 14:03:53 on August29,2014

    Entry number 400721


    keyword=R-HRS Bottom crate HV problems

    There is a long-standing problem with the bottom HV crate on R-HRS. After some time (1 or 2 days) it reaches a state where none of the HV channels on any card can be changed. All cards appear to be frozen. Typically, one or more modules have red lights blinking on the back. There are other symptoms too, like alarms in the Java GUI. Power-cycling cures this.

    I have one card working at the moment (see fig 1). Others are unplugged.

    Logical possibilities include

    1. One or more bad HV cards causing paralysis crate-wide
    2. One or more bad slots (corrupted connector)
    3. Bad serial card
    4. Something wrong with the crate as a whole (power supply, ...)
    5. Control Software

    Num 5 was probably eliminated by moving to the new raspberry scheme. Num 4 seems unlikely though it is a crate-wide problem. Num 3 would require Chuck to try swapping cards.

    To eliminate 1 and 2, I suggest getting one card to work and checking over time, assuming we have time to debug this. I'll leave slot 7 for now and come back this weekend and try another card. I am suspicious that the FPP card (slot 12) may be the culprit. We'll see.

    Before I left I changed all channels to 120, then to 70. Still works after 30 min ...

    FIGURE 1