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    User name vmgray

    Log entry time 14:42:51 on December 3,2014

    Entry number 404383

    keyword=Cryo Status Update: How does it effect you?

    As has been stated in past elog entries there is a little issue with cryo at the moment. This is getting worked on, so we must be pacience but as knowledge is power here is what we know:
    - There is a leak in the CHL, this is causing a lose of He and there is work being done to find and fix the leak.
    - While looking for and fixing the leak the CHL can't be in use, so we use the ESR.
    - The ESR doesn't have the saftey features and precassions that the CHL does, requiring people to actively be there incase of a problem. So avoiding useing the ESR at night is appreciated.
    - Between 3 and 4 pm today (Wed.), Thrusday and Friday the cryo will be switched from the ESR to the CHL. (no information on when in the morning the inverse switch will occur)
    - This swich over should if all goes well and as planed it should take about 15 mins. (yes yes famous last words...)
    - The swich over will require that the magnets get ramped down before the swich and back up after the switch
    - The swich over should not effect the target. That being said be alert in case it does.

    Once this is done hopefully we will get the loop 2 coolant temperature down, so untill then we must stay vigilant, watch and make sure that our target is still happy and sitting pretty.

    Before the swich over every day we should get a call saying it will be happening.