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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 17:27:33 on September 30,1999

    Entry number 27350

    keyword=super datamon

    I made a new version of the monitoring GUI, called
    SUPERDATAMON. You can start it by typing
    "superdatamon" (on adaqs2 as adev account where you
    run CODA.) This software is a merging of stuff from
    Hall C and me. To enable the buttons one must "Select Config"
    and select to enable them. Then one can reset components
    and KCODA from this GUI. However, the reset and reboot
    buttons might not work, depending on how the ROC is hungup.
    The green reboot buttons in the middle room should always work.
    One can also CHECK the TS and ROCs. A typical example
    is in figure 2, for checking the trigger supervisor (TS).
    Check this if CODA stops. Put result in halog.

    The old DATAMON still exists and can be used if superdatamon
    proves to be problematic. I also changed datamon to be faster
    by decoupling some functions.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2