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    User name Nilanga

    Log entry time 14:44:09 on October 8,1999

    Entry number 27985

    keyword=H Arm inefficiency checked

    I analyzed runs 2163 (d90-143) 2139 (d90-127) and 2092 (d90-90) and generated histograms of e.beta and h.beta under collimator cuts (x.sieve<+/-7cm, y.sieve<=/-3.75 cm).

    It seems that for all three runs the yield of good events in the H arm is the same within 1%. And for run 2092 where both spectrometers were at same settings, the e and h yields are same within 7%.

    This indicates that there is no inefficiency in the H arm.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2