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    User name M Jones

    Log entry time 15:25:22 on December 3,1999

    Entry number 30530

    keyword=modified Main epics display

    I modified the main EPICS display to show the beam energy, fast feedback info.
    The original adl was wrkDisplay.adl which I copied and made my
    changes in tmpwrkDisplay.adl . Then I modified HAC_xt and HAC_hp
    so that they call tmpwrkDisplay. If problems then one can go back to the
    original adl file. Right now I couldn't get Tief. energy to read in the medm screen.
    It is in the runend and datastream. Also I need to know the
    variable name for the fast feedback level . Right now I just put the beam
    energy as a dummy variable for the level.
    To get the variable to read you might need to execute the command
    source .login
    so the the CA_EPICS_ADDR_LIST variable is set correctly.