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    User name kuss

    Log entry time 11:31:05 on December 4,1999

    Entry number 30577

    keyword=John's quad cycle procedure

    Instructions for setting HRS Quadrupoles:

    Instructions for setting HRS Quadrupoles:

    1. In the control panel for each quadrupole power supply (accessible from the main control screen) set the current to the following values: Q1 3000 Amps, Q2/3 1600 Amps. This is done in the yellow box bracketed by the words Current Set and Amps. (Reminder: as with all the controls the pointer must be in the box while you're typing)

    2. Wait for the magnets to stabilize at those currents.

    3. Type in the new P0 on the main control screen.


    To save a little time:

    Before initiating the 2nd quadrupole setting procedure above: Type in the approximate target dipole current for the desired P0 in the dipole power supply control screen. (Also in the yellow box bracketed by the words Current Set and Amps). This will change automatically when you execute step 3 above.


    Useful Numbers:






    Maximum Cycling Current:*

    Q1: 3000 Amps

    Q2/3: 1600 Amps




    Approximate Dipole Current:

    337 Amps/GeV/c





     * For cycling purposes only. At 3.73 GeV/c Q2 on the Electron arm reaches 1600 Amps. So for Q2 electron there is no need to cycle above 3.73 GeV/c. (Hadron arm does not go above 3.2 GeV/c) Power supplies and magnets are designed to go to 3250 and 1800 respectively, but let's not go there unless we have to.