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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 09:53:31 on December 8,1999

    Entry number 30767

    keyword=BPM Pedestal Run 1191

    With some help from Tom Powers, I did a pedestal run
    for BPMs 3A and 3B. Run # 1191. See procedure below.

    I loaded the pedestals into "spot++" code. The pedestals
    on the antennas (xp, xm, yp, ym) of 3A and 3B are:
    ped3axp = 2105; ped3axm = 2104; ped3ayp = 2098; ped3aym = 2098;
    ped3bxp = 2090; ped3bxm = 2085; ped3byp = 2085; ped3bym = 2086;

    I remind that BPMs 8 and 12 are not plugged into an ADC yet,
    so no pedestals yet.

    I believe that "spot++" calibration should be ok to within 20%
    now, but THIS HAS NOT BEEN CHECKED (Marat, please ?).

    Here is the procedure for BPM pedestal runs:

    1. Set "forced gain=0" on BPMs 3A, 3B. MCC may know how
    to do this, but Tom Powers surely does. He tells me one goes to
    EPICS screen "SEE Diagnostics", then "Experts" screen, then to
    "Gain Control" where one selects "forced gain" and sets its value to zero.
    2. Do a CODA run, pulser trigger ~200 Hz, no beam. This run
    measures pedestals.
    3. REMEMBER: Reset the BPMs to a normal state. Easiest
    way is to go to "Expert" screen and press "reset".