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    User name Kox/Quemener/DeLeo

    Log entry time 16:16:12 on December 11,1999

    Entry number 30779

    keyword=Shift Summary 12-11-99 / 8-16h

    Summary of day shift (SK)

    8:00 Empty target, waiting for beam

    :-(( 8:30 Call from the accelerator. Problem with vacuum in scattering chamber (VG2 rising and var stable). Call technician and asked for acess.
    No beam tuning made.

    10-14h Check for leaks. Identify one at the pump level. Additional check underway.

    troubleshot target chamber vacuum system . discovered a leak in the turbo backing manifold. Removed that section of the manifold and reestablished target chamber vacuum. Leak appears to be in a welded connection of a Tee possibly caused by fatique do to the vibration of the backing pump. EMF

    :-)) Back to beam permit. Tuning starts at 2:30 PM. 5microA in the hall at 3PM

    checklist made at 3PM

    :-(( 3:15 Fastfeedback not working. MCC call : Try to make it work.

    4PM End of the shift. Experts still discussing about Fastfeedback. At present tuning in dispersive mode.

    FIGURE 1