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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 14:19:44 on December 12,1999

    Entry number 30860

    This entry is a followup to: 30853

    keyword=Notes re: usage of XTrigMang

    I think the XTrigMang problem is in my recent ``fix'' of an old problem
    that this software opens network connections without closing them.
    Something subtle goes wrong with my ``fix'' which I think I can
    correct but I will leave the old stable version for now. Implications:
    1. Before downloading trigger it is safest to reboot the TS0, TS1
    crates. Of course one also has to reset CODA. This will be the
    procedure until I fix XTrigMang.
    2. Its possible that some delays were not set correctly earlier this
    weekend (using ``new'' XTrigMang). This doesn't matter for
    most analysis purposes if you treat all trigger types the same.