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    User name K. Aniol

    Log entry time 02:06:21 on December 14,1999

    Entry number 30964

    keyword=setting low momenta in hrse

    Setting E dipole for low momenta (~ .4 GeV/c)
    current run 1270, p0 set = .407
    quads set themselves properly, but the dipole cannot get to the correct momentum without manually setting the power supply current. The dipole automatically can find an nmr lock near the correct momentum but the field remains "red". The current in the dipole must then be brought down slowly using the power supply current.
    hrse dipole nmr screen, 0.1703591T, on L
    mode = auto
    field pol = pos
    search = on
    regulator = off
    dac(set=0) = 137
    probe = 3
    comp coils = 1.000