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    User name M. Rvachev

    Log entry time 21:42:28 on December 15,1999

    Entry number 31161

    keyword=Analisys problem

    Here is a problem espace experts could think about:
    For elastic H(e,ep) scattering (from kapton foil; run 1250) espace produces the
    histograms below. One can see from th_xq and ph_xq, which are spherical angles
    between q and detected p, that we have a systematic shift of ~3 deg either in
    spectrometer angle readings, or in espace reconstruction. To correct this problem I would change angle readings for H-arm by ~3 deg.
    If someone finds a mistake in my analisys, please don't hassle me (won't help).

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2