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    User name Epstein

    Log entry time 15:05:29 on December 16,1999

    Entry number 31229

    keyword=Revised kinematics 17,27,16

    Revised Kinematics to account for measured beam energies and post in scattering chamber:

    NOTE: WHEN SETTING SPECTROMETERS REFER TO THE TABLES LABELED SPECTROMETER SETUP. Some of these entries have shifted hadron momentum settings to accomodate a larger range of Emiss .

    Kin. 17 Eo= 0.842 GeV Pmiss=0 omega=0.423 GeV/c epsilon = 0.248
    theta_e=95.96 deg. Pe=0.419 GeV/c
    theta_p=25.20 deg. Pp=0.97866 GeV/c

    Kin. 27 Eo= 0.842 GeV Pmiss= 0.300 GeV/c omega=0.262 GeV epsilon = 0.338
    theta_e=87.40 deg. Pe=0.580 GeV/c
    theta_p=35.39 deg. Pp=0.680 GeV/c

    Kin. 16 Eo=4.033 GeV Pmiss= 0. GeV/c omega=0.423 GeV epsilon = 0.968
    theta_e=13.28 deg Pe=3.610 GeV/c
    theta_p= 57.93deg Pp=0.97866 GeV/c