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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 16:36:45 on December 16,1999

    Entry number 31232

    keyword=T2,T4 rates. Check of hardware

    To first order the ratio T2/T1 is the T1 inefficiency. Similarly T4/T3.
    So if these are >0.1 one should wonder. (They can be due to background.)
    Below are the ratios for e89044 runs with beam (fig 1) and the relation
    to rate (fig 2). No clear rate dependence.

    During access I checked the MLU strobe timing on H-arm. Looks ok.
    50 nsec from S1 to strobe, 25 from S2 to strobe. Signals 100 nsec wide.
    The 50 will grow to 65 for 0.5 GeV/c proton. The cabling looked ok.
    The MLU file looked correct. Cosmics show T3/T4 exclusive, but
    some runs with beam have many T4 which look like T3 implying huge
    and dangerous correction.

    Calarco suggested putting the Left and Right PMT of S0 into an AND
    and putting this into MLU#2, then using the same MLU file as E-arm. This
    would make the E-arm and H-arm identical. I did not try this yet.
    I see nothing wrong with the setup.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2