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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 02:46:20 on December 17,1999

    Entry number 31251

    This entry is a followup to: 31234

    keyword=T4 problem -- partly resolved

    The T4 anomaly was partly understood and is no longer seen.
    I found that a certain program (whose name goes unmentioned,
    nobody knows about it except me) which is used to read back
    the MLU leaves it in "Transparent" mode always. This is wrong !
    First MLU should be in "strobe" mode. This mistake (of mine) causes
    the ratio of T4/T3 to be ~1. I had probably used this code to check
    trigger between runs 1331 and 1342 when the trigger appears to
    have gone bad for no apparent reason (e.g. no big momentum change).

    What is still not explained is why for run 1349, for example, all
    the T4 looked like T3. This night, I cannot reproduce this effect.
    At present for several runs (1371 - 1375) all T4 look normal.
    They are exclusive of T3. (Also T1,T2 look ok.) Problem gone.

    Things to look for: 1) Scaler Ratio T4/T3 = 0.1 or less.
    2) Same T2/T1. 3) Look at hit patterns.