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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 08:07:22 on December 18,1999

    Entry number 31387

    keyword=How to Download Trigger til Christmas

    Here is how to download Trigger until Christmas.
    (Slow, conservative method. Uses "old" download routine.)

    1. Since the "old" code uses up network sockets on the
    VME crate, it is best to first reboot them -- TS0 and TS1.
    2. After rebooting TS0 and TS1, login to them again at
    the Components workspace of adaqs2 to verify they are up.
    It takes 2 minutes to reboot.
    3. Of course before running CODA you will have to "reset".
    Go to top left corner of runcontrol, press "reset" button.
    4. The rest of the instructions is the same as before, see


    which is also posted in the counting room.