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    User name Higinbotham

    Log entry time 17:58:09 on December 18,1999

    Entry number 31452

    This entry is a followup to: 31435

    keyword=Kin 27 Approx( 36 e'p / hr )

    To find the kin. 27 events rate I took the first 400,000 events from the 1,200,000 events in file 1436. (400,000 events was about 10 min. of data)
    Using the coinc. time and vertex cuts, we see six 3He(e,e'p) events three sigma
    from the mean one expects for tc_cor.
    [cuts = 225 This translates to approx. 36 events per hour. 225 The gaussian fit is taken three sigma around the mean for (e,e'p) tc_cor from earlier
    data. (shown in Figure two.)

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2