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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 06:51:03 on December 19,1999

    Entry number 31491


    keyword=Stability of Trigger

    Plotted are ratios: T1/Q, T3/Q, T2/T1, T4/T3.
    I.e. cross section and "junk", for kinematics 27 thru run 1451.
    Results are from end-run scalers, are stable at approx 5% level.
    About 1% of T4 are anomolous (should be T3). It occurs
    to me that since the H-arm rate is 100 kHz the electronics
    deadtime is of order 1%, this might explain it.
    Since T4/T3 is 0.06, the effect is unimportant (<0.1%).
    Note, T2/T1 = 8 but T2 are mostly zero-VDC-hit events (junk).
    To make plot see /home/adaq/plt/README.

    FIGURE 1