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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 14:41:52 on December 19,1999

    Entry number 31521

    keyword=meaning of (-1,-1) in T2

    This refers to halog 31502, 31504.
    The seemingly impossible (-1,-1) combination
    for T2 is due to far-off-time hits. A "hit" is defined
    as a signal in TDC (hence above threshold) between
    channel 500 and 3500 (0.1 nsec per chan). The -1
    are often hits which the TDC reads as 4096, i.e.
    end of the range. I did verify this some time ago for
    the (-1,-1) T2's. Not sure what causes this, but they
    are very rare in the S-Ray triggers (T1,T3).