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    User name Templon

    Log entry time 16:43:45 on December 19,1999

    Entry number 31532

    keyword=please check e-arm vdc ps

    Jack Segal brought a plot of e-arm +- 5V ps readouts to counting house.
    the voltages are wandering around in a correlated way. leading
    possible explanations:
    1) bad card (all readouts are made off one card)
    2) VDC in oscillation (large power draw makes supply droop)
    3) cooling in hut not on (things get hot and behave strangely)

    next access, the vdc's in e-arm should be checked.
    if there is no access, a possible alternate test is to raise the
    e-arm threshold to 4V (now at 3V) during the next cycle of runs.
    shift leader thought it prudent to not change vdc threshold midway
    thru one data point, probably right. raising the threshold would likely
    kill oscillations, so if that were the problem it should disappear.
    jack can check the readbacks until wednesday.