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    User name A. Deur

    Log entry time 05:41:49 on December 21,1999

    Entry number 31651

    keyword=eP DAQ trouble.

    We have trouble with the eP acquisition. ROC1 can't write event on the data disk. Connection with ROC is good and there is plenty of place on the disk. We tried to write on another disk temporaly but it's not working either.
    ROC1 is healthy (we rebooted it anyway but it does not fixed the problem). We rebooted also adaqh3 but it does not fixed anything.
    Everything crash when ROQ try to send the first cluster of event to disk so we don't have any event.
    At some point the problem went away (by himself, we did not do anything !) and we were able to gather 27 events before the problem came back. But it's not enough to provide an energy measurement.
    Since the problem reappeared and we can't fixed it. we stoped the energy measurement.
    It's not likely the run with 27 events can provide an energy measurement but it will be analyzed online.