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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 10:48:40 on December 21,1999

    Entry number 31685

    keyword=advice about hac

    I got asked about hac problems....

    To keep hac performing reasonably, I think its important
    to minimize the number of windows (especially graphics)
    and processes. E.g. don't run too many screens from
    your offices. I also noticed sometimes many copies of
    the same process running, probably spurious. You can
    clean them up with "kill" if you are sure it won't hurt.
    Alternatively we could reboot hac if everyone is sure it
    won't hurt. As I look now, however, the process list is
    fairly small, presumably people cleaned up after I phoned
    the counting room.

    To grab a screen, use adaql1. First minimize number of
    graphics. Then from hac, type "xhost +". Then "telnet
    adaql1", and in adaql1 set the DISPLAY environment to hac.
    Then run halog as usual.