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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 11:11:26 on December 21,1999

    Entry number 31686

    keyword=RE: SPOT vs MCC beam size

    There are two reasons why MCC's spot size don't
    agree with spot++. One is that the MCC software doesn't
    know about the quad optics, the other is a miscalibration
    that spot++ shows a spot too big by a factor 1.25 (also it has
    a shift of ~0.5 mm). To account for optics one must
    measure what one has, then ask MCC what they are setting
    and ask them to change, if necessary, using an empirical
    scale factor. Don't make MCC think about it, just give the
    setting. To calibrate spot++ better, someone can follow
    the procedure described by Luminita Todor at
    If someone gets the offsets and scale factors we can
    put them into spot.