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    User name Templon, Liyanage

    Log entry time 12:13:58 on December 22,1999

    Entry number 31796

    This entry is a followup to: 31789

    keyword=kin 16 analysis

    Nilanga solved the problem. Raster readout has changed and this
    is not yet implemented in ESPACE. There is a correlation between
    focal plane position and target vertical position which is not corrected,
    hence we get a spread in Em. Final point: raster concentrates at
    the edges, so we get a double-peak structure with a smear in between.
    Nilanga made the plot below which shows the Em vs the beam vertical
    position. Figure two below is nilanga's by-hand correction which
    shows no double-peak structure.

    We estimate about 300k counts in the 2bbu region with following
    cuts: 960 408 0
    no other cuts that i am aware of, but I am using xiaodong's espace file
    which contains lots of stuff i don't want to take the time to understand

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2