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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 22:58:54 on February 06, 2014

    Entry number 385911


    keyword=L-HRS HV status -- working, but somewhat flakey

    At the moment, the L-HRS HV is back on and the target voltages restored
    from a file I saved this afternoon.  
    The readback voltages look ok, except for card 0, which looks strange. 
    At about 3 pm today, Jack and I investigated why the laptop could not
    talk to the HV crate, which the intelPC (intelha3) could.  After
    examining signals, we decided to try to swap out the serial card on the
    crate.  Chuck did this work and I tested it using the low-level C code. 
    At first, this seemed ok.  However, it turns out there is a small
    probability that the card returns an empty string, and when this happens
    (as is already well known) the Java GUI segfaults.  This was happening
    whether intelha3 or the laptop (ahut1) was host.
    I had to go somewhere, but came back at 9:30 pm, and found to my surprise
    that the HV works now -- well, mostly.  I can get the Java GUI to come
    up, but on some trials it segfaulted.  It seems like if it gets through the
    initialization phase, it works fine -- as long as I've been able to
    exercise it.  
    That's where we are at the moment.  I'll leave the HV on overnight, with
    the usual intelha3 host.

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