PREX Meeting Notes, Jan 18, 2010

Present: Bob Michaels, Ole Hansen, Alexandre Camsonne, 
         Zafar Ahmed, Mindy Jen, Rupesh Silwal, Paul Souder, 
         Sasha Glamazdin, Gregg Franklin, Megan Friend,
         Guido Urciuoli, Doug Higinbotham

Misc (Bob)
   - Double Wien filter going well.  Parts in hand. 
     Assembly is on schedule (reported by J. Grames)
   - Be replaced by C12 for collimator.
     Should be done and installed this week.

GEM Detectors (Ole, Guido)

   - Nilanga provided drawings of GEMs.
   - Mounting structure being reviewed by Krishna.
   - Software - modifying decoder - being considered
   - Guido: Italian GEMs to arrive late Feb.
   - Guido: Testing with new AP25 electronics. 
- Compton

    - Compton Monte Carlo results posted in HAPLOG (Gregg)
    - Transfer functions being measured on laser table 
      in the Hall this weekend (Al Tobias, Mark Dalton)
    - New CompSimple DAQ ready -- see HALOG (Bob M.)
      (Yes, the old DAQ still works.)
    - Would be good to do some pluser simulation of 
      electron-photon coincidences

- Moller 
    - Sasha: foils installed tomorrow.  
    - Sasha: Will align apparatus soon
    - Roman here, debriefed on new DAQ by Zafar and Brad.
    - Discussed rastering with Jay Benesch
    - autofilling of Helium likely to be available.
    - Zafar: Pulser tests of FADC DAQ.  Measured rates 
      on-board and with FADC.  Results in HAPLOG
    - Zafar: Next up, measure an injected asymmetry,
      and add random pulses (more pulser tests).

 See you next week !!

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