PREX Meeting Notes, Jan 25, 2010

Present: Bob Michaels, Ole Hansen, Alexandre Camsonne, 
         Zafar Ahmed, Rupesh Silwal, Sirish Nanda, Abdurahim Rahkman,
         Luis Mercado, Doug Higinbotham

Reminder: Collaboration meeting planned for Sat. Jan 30.  


  - Some risk of slipping behind schedule.
  - Needs some unskilled manpower.  Zafar volunteered.  Can ask Mindy.
  - Laser hut almost complete (Abdurahim)

We went around the table and everyone gave a short update.
Nothing too spectactular to report here.  

There is a Run Plan (rough draft) for the PREX run Mar 11 - May 24.

No meeting next Monday since there is a collab mtg Sat.

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