PREX Meeting Notes, Jan 4, 2010

Present: Bob Michaels, Ole Hansen, Alexandre Camsonne, John LeRose, 
         Zafar Ahmed, Rupesh Silwal, Luis Mercado, Paul Souder,
         Kent Paschke, Abdurahim Rakham, Richard Wilson, Piotr Decowski

A list of shutdown activities was discussed.

Compton (Abdurahim, Alex)

   - Survey being done.  
   - Edet gets removed next week
        - replace 1st plane
        - improve shielding
   - Discussion about capacitance and pulse-shaping
        - no changes to electronics planned
   - Recent DAQ work : TIR added to ROC1.
        - To implement Trig.Super. mode option.
        - Should be able to run at 240 Hz helicity rate.

GEM Detectors

   - Realistic prospect to have GEMs and related
         electronics for Qsq measurement.
   - Probably use old RICH DAQ.
   - Team: Ole Hansen, Alexandre Camsonne,  
       Nilanga Liyanage, Evaristo Cisbani, Guido Urciuoli,
       and Seamus Riordan (unconfirmed)

   - John LeRose discussed plans for a field map.

There was not a whole lot to talk about.  See the
above shutdown plan link and see you next week.

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