Checklist for Switching DAQs

Follow the steps in this checklist for switching to and from spectrometer DAQ during PREX.   For example to do a Q2 measurement.

Neglecting some of these steps or doing them in the wrong order could result in damage to Hall A equipment.

Experts:   Ahmed Zafar, Dustin McNulty, Bob Michaels

updated May 4, 2010

Integrating HAPPEX DAQ to Counting Spectrometer DAQ

  1. Preliminaries.   to do long before switching
  2. Switching to Low-Current Counting Mode
  3. Set Up Beam
  4. Setting HV
  5. Take CODA run and analyze it as usual.

Counting Spectrometer DAQ to Integrating HAPPEX DAQ

  1. Setting HV
  2. Switching to High-Current Integrating Mode
  3. Set Up Beam
  4. Take data !   Check all data including cavities.

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