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On October 26, 2001 we had a Parity Workshop at Jefferson Lab   with emphasis on accelerator development issues related to future parity violation experiments. This was also an opportunity to celebrate the career of Charlie Sinclair, who has retired, and to benefit from his insight before leaving. Here is the agenda with links to the manuscripts of the talks.   A hardcopy of these manuscripts is also available from Robert Michaels.

Physics Overview   (PDF) and a Write-up   (postscript). Paul Souder Syracuse U.
Experimental Parameters and Requirements   (PDF) Krishna Kumar U. Mass
Systematics Control of Helicity Correlations   (MS-Powerpoint) Gordon Cates U. Virginia
Betatron Matching in Accelerator   (MS Word) and Write-up   (MS-Word) Yu-Chiu Chao Jefferson Lab
Beam Monitoring   (PDF) Mark Pitt Virginia Tech
Compton Polarimeter   (Postscript) David Lhuiller Saclay
Spin Dance Talk   (MS-Powerpoint) and Write-up   (MS-Word) Joe Grames Jefferson Lab
Outlook   (HTML) Robert Michaels Jefferson Lab