Small Angle GDH/A1n/g2n/GDH Collaboration Meeting

March 15-16, 2002, L102, CEBAF Center, Jefferson Lab

March 15 (Friday)
Morning: A1n and g2n
9:00 g2n analysis progress K. Kramer
9:45 False Asymmetry Check W. Korsch*
10:00 A1n analysis progress X. Zheng
11:00 Break
11:20 Target analysis Kramer/Zheng
11:35 Discussion, Conference talks
12:00 Lunch

Afternoon: Small Angle GDH
1:30 Welcome J. P. Chen
1:40 Requirements/Run plan and issues A. Deur
2:10 Septum status,acceptance test plan P. Brindza
2:40 Installation plan E. Folts
3:00 Field clamping P.Brindza/S. Lassiter*
3:10 Design status for septa/pol.He3/sieve slits Gavalya
3:30 Septum control J. Gomez/S. Higgins*
3:45 Break
4:05 Beamline A. Saha
4:10 Septum optics commissioning D.Higinbotham
4:40 DAQ/Helicity/Raster R. Michaels
5:00 Compton S. Nanda
5:10 Detector R. Gilman
5:20 Manpower, Schedule, Discussion
6:00 Adjourn

March 16 (Saturday)

Small Angle GDH
9:00 Target lab status and tests V.Sulkosky/P.Solvignon
9:40 New cell design/test A.Deur
10:00 Discussion on cells T. Averett/G. Cates
10:20 Lasers and spare parts
10:30 Discussion
10:50 Break

GDH 11:10 Analysis and Checks K. Slifer/P.Djawotho*/A. Deur
11:50 Analysis and Final results S. Choi
12:20 Discussion on results/PRL
12:50 Discussion on 2nd paper and long term plan
1:30 End of Collaboration Meetings