GDH/A1n/g2 Collaboration Meeting 2

Sept 8, Room 333, ARC Building, Jefferson Lab
and Sept. 9, Room A110, CEBAF Center

Sept. 8 (Friday) GDH collaboration meeting
9:00 Welcome and General Comments Kees de Jager
9:20 Radiative corrections and results S. Choi
10:00 E and H arm cross section comparison N. Liyanage
10:30 Update on Acceptance X. Jiang
10:50 Coffee Break
11:10 Students analysis progress (Djawotho, Kominis, Slifer...)
12:20 Lunch
1:30 Beam energy /beamline A. Saha
1:15 Other issues (beam polarization, ...)
2:00 Discussion on issues and results/plan All
2:30 PRL Draft and discussion G. Cates/All
4:00 Coffee Break
4:20 Discussion (continue)
5:00 Long term plan, conference talks, new ideas... All
6:00 End of GDH meeting
Sept. 9 (Saturday) A1n/g2n collaboration meeting
9:00 g2n update T. Averett
9:15 A1n update Z. Meziani
9:30 Pion and e+ background update (JP for) X. Zheng
9:45 H-shower update X. Jiang/R.Gilman
10:00 Detector update W. Wojtsekhowski
10:20 DAQ system/E-Deadtime update B. Michaels
10:35 Coffee Break
10:55 Status of New Analyzer O. Hansen
11:10 Other issues (beam polarimetry, energy limitation ...)
11:25 Task List and Responsibilities
12:00 Discussion
12:20 Lunch
1:30 Target test at JLab K. Kramer
2:10 Discussion
2:30 Cell production/discussion Averett/Kominis/Cates
3:00 Lasers/optics/discussion
3:30 Coffer break
3:50 Other issues (design, controls, cabling, density measurement)
4:30 Discussion on issues, test plan, manpower, schedule, milestone...
6:00 End of collaboration meeting