GDH Collaboration Meeting

Oct. 2, 2000 (Monday) Temple University

9:00 Welcome Z. -E. Meziani
9:15 RadCor, Fitting and Results S. Choi
10:00 Students analysis progress (Djawotho, Kominis, Slifer...)
11:30 Discussion on results/issues All
12:20 Lunch
1:30 PRL Draft and discussion G. Cates/All
3:30 Long term plan, g2 paper, conference talks, seminar... All
4:00 Coffee Break
4:20 Update on target test/EPR at JLab X. Zheng
4:40 Update on schedule/design/laser/density... J. P. Chen
5:00 Update on cell/laser I.Kominis/G.Cates
5:20 Discussion All
6:00 End of collaboration meeting