GDH/A1n/g2 Collaboration Meeting 5

Feb. 2, 2001, Room B207, CEBAF Cneter, Jefferson Lab

Morning GDH .
9:00 Welcome J. P. Chen
9:15 Analysis Progress Slifer/Djawotho/Nilanga
10:00 Analysis Check A. Deur
10:20 Break
10:40 Results S. Choi
11:00 Discussion on results
11:20 Discussion on Draft PRL
12:00 Long term plan, conference talks, other issues... All
12:30 Lunch
Afternoon A1n/g2n
1:30 Issues for the g2n experiment T. Averett
1:45 Issues for the A1n experiment Z. -E. Meziani
2:00 Target design A. Gavalya
2:15 Discussion on design/installation issues
2:25 Target test K. Kramer
2:40 EPR progress X. Zheng
2:55 Control K. McCormick
3:05 Undate on W&M cell production T. Averret
3:15 Undate on UVa cell and lab setup J. Singh
3:25 Other target issues: Lasers/Density
3:40 Break
4:00 Schedule and question answering K. de Jager
4:20 Detectors Update X. Jiang for R. Gilman
4:35 Pion rejector analysis X. Jiang
4:45 Gas Cherenkov and PID analysis X. Zheng
4:55 Scinttilator/VDC analysis L. Zhu
5:05 Discussion on detectors
5:15 DAQ and HAPPEX DAQ R. Michaels
5:30 Update on beam line D. Higinbotham
5:40 Discussion: online monitoring and other issues
6:00 End of the collaboration meeting