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Hall A Polarized $^3$He Target Operation and Safety Procedure

Revised by: J. P. Chen, P. Chevtsov, K. Kramer, N. Liyanange, K. McCormick, X. Zheng

Original: T. Black, J. P. Chen, H. Gao, O. Hansen, S. Incerti,
S. Jensen, M. G. Jones, M. Liang, Z.-E. Meziani.

June 1, 2001
Version 10


We describe in this procedure all aspects of the Polarized $^3$He target operation in Hall A. We have identified and addressed personnel as well as fire safety issues related to the normal operation of the target during the experiment. We explain how safety issues are alleviated and provide a detailed description of the target operation within the framework of running experiment.

Xiaochao Zheng 2001-06-01