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ROOT/C++ Analyzer for Hall A

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This is the humble homepage of the main Hall A physics analysis software, Podd. The software is an object-oriented, highly modular and extensible framework built on top of ROOT. Classes are available for the most common analysis tasks involving data from the standard Hall A experimental equipment, in particular the HRS spectrometers and detectors. Standard physics calculations for single arm (e,e'), conincidence (e,e'X) and photoproduction reactions are available, as well as for auxiliary tasks such as energy loss corrections, vertex position calculations, etc.

The optional Software Development Kit (SDK) provides users with a rapid development environment for building experiment-specific extension libraries. One can quickly implement new detectors, physics computation modules and even entire spectrometers.

A separate extension library is available for track reconstruction in the BigBite spectrometer equipped with MWDC drift chamber planes.

Currently, major efforts are underway (1) to develop an improved analysis framework jointly with Hall C which will be based on the current Hall A software, and (2) to update Podd for the more demanding analysis requirements of 12 GeV experiments.


Minimum System Requirements

Linux and Mac OSX environments are detected automatically. Ports to other Unix platforms should be straightforward. Please see the Release Notes and Installation Guide for details.



Most recent source code: Older versions can be found in the archive.

Currently, we do not offer precompiled binaries for download.