Podd version 1.6-rc2

18 January 2018

The Hall A software team is pleased to present the second release candidate of version 1.6 of the data analysis package Podd. This version contains many significant improvements motivated by the long experience with version 1.5. This is still an unstable release, i.e. not all features have yet been frozen.

Version 1.6 is not binary compatible nor fully source-compatible with the previous release 1.5. Several parts of the programming interface have changed. As a result, libraries and plug-ins for version 1.5 will have to be recompiled and, in some cases, minor source code changes may be necessary.

As much as possible, the bug fixes as well as some of the additional functionality of this release will be) backported to version 1.5. We plan to support version 1.5 for several years into the future because many earlier Hall A experiments have spent considerable effort on developing complex libraries for this release. They should not be forced to upgrade. For new development, however, version 1.6 is strongly recommended.

The main improvements in this release are the modular decoder, the unbundled EVIO library, and a partial rewrite of the VDC reconstruction code. Additionally, all analysis classes now use the new database API that was introduced in version 1.5 and has been generalized since then.

What's new

Compared to Release 1.5, the following features have been added:


Version 1.6 is neither source-compatible nor binary-compatible with version 1.5 and prior releases. Plug-ins and user libraries will need to be recompiled and possibly changed. Please contact the developers if you need to do this and run into problems.

System requirements

The following platforms have been explicitly tested: Most other recent Unix-like installations should work as well.

Building and installing the software

Please see docs/install.html

Running the program / How to analyze data

Please see docs/quickstart.html and the main documentation page.

Example Scripts

Example scripts can be found in the "examples" and "examples/BPM" subdirectories.


Further documentation is available in the "docs" subdirectory and at the project home page.


Special thanks to Robert Michaels, Steve Wood, Ed Brash and everyone else who made valuable contributions to this version.

Ole Hansen <ole@jlab.org>
Last modified: Thu Jan 18 10:15 EST 2018