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class THaDetMap::Module


 Standard detector map.
 The detector map defines the hardware channels that correspond to a
 single detector. Typically, "channels" are Fastbus or VMW addresses
 characterized by

   Crate, Slot, range of channels

Function Members (Methods)

Data Members

UInt_tfirstlogical number of first channel
UInt_tmodelmodel number of module (for ADC/TDC identification).
UInt_tplaneDetector plane
Int_trefchanfor pipeline TDCs: reference channel number
Int_trefindexfor pipeline TDCs: index into reference channel map
Double_tresolutionResolution (s/chan) for TDCs
Bool_treverseIndicates that "first" corresponds to hi, not lo
UInt_tsignal(eg. PosADC, NegADC, PosTDC, NegTDC)

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Function documentation

bool operator==(const THaDetMap::Module& rhs) const
{ return crate == rhs.crate && slot == rhs.slot; }
bool operator!=(const THaDetMap::Module& rhs) const
{ return !(*this==rhs); }
Int_t GetNchan() const
{ return hi-lo+1; }
UInt_t GetModel() const
{ return model & kModelMask; }
Bool_t IsTDC() const
{ return model & kTDCBit; }
Bool_t IsADC() const
{ return model & kADCBit; }
void SetModel(UInt_t model)
void SetResolution(Double_t resolution)
void MakeTDC()
{ model |= kTDCBit; }
void MakeADC()
{ model |= kADCBit; }
THaDetMap& operator=(const THaDetMap::Module& )