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class THaRTTI


 RTTI information for a member variable of a ROOT class.
 This is a utility class used internally by THaVarList.

Function Members (Methods)

static TClass*Class()
Int_tFind(TClass* cl, const TString& var, const void *const p = NULL)
THaRTTI::EArrayTypeGetArrayType() const
TClass*GetClass() const
Int_tGetCountOffset() const
TDataMember*GetDataMember() const
Int_tGetOffset() const
TRealData*GetRealData() const
const char*GetSubscript() const
VarTypeGetType() const
virtual TClass*IsA() const
Bool_tIsArray() const
Bool_tIsObject() const
Bool_tIsPointer() const
Bool_tIsValid() const
THaRTTI&operator=(const THaRTTI&)
virtual voidPrint(Option_t* opt = "") const
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector&)
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer&)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& ClassDef_StreamerNVirtual_b)

Data Members

enum EArrayType { kScalar
THaRTTI::EArrayTypefArrayTypeArray type (see EArrayType)
Int_tfCountOffsetFor var array: Offset of length specifier
TDataMember*fDataMemberAssociated ROOT TDataMember
Int_tfOffsetOffset with respect to THIS pointer
TRealData*fRealDataAssociated ROOT TRealData
TStringfSubscriptFor fixed array: Description of dimension(s)
VarTypefTypeVariable type (kObject if object)

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Function documentation

Int_t Find(TClass* cl, const TString& var, const void *const p = NULL)
 Get RTTI info for member variable 'var' of ROOT class 'cl'
 'prototype' is a pointer to an object of class 'cl' and must
 be specified if the class does not have a default constructor.
TClass* GetClass() const
 If this is an object, get its class
Bool_t IsPointer() const
void Print(Option_t* opt = "") const
 Print RTTI information
virtual ~THaRTTI()
EArrayType GetArrayType() const
{ return fArrayType; }
Int_t GetCountOffset() const
{ return fCountOffset; }
TDataMember* GetDataMember() const
{ return fDataMember; }
Int_t GetOffset() const
{ return fOffset; }
TRealData* GetRealData() const
{ return fRealData; }
const char* GetSubscript() const
{ return fSubscript.Data(); }
VarType GetType() const
{ return fType; }
Bool_t IsArray() const
{ return (fArrayType != kScalar); }
Bool_t IsObject() const
Bool_t IsValid() const
{ return (fOffset != -1); }